A Guilt Free Life ( Morning)


Job 22:21-30


Job 22:29 When they cast you down, and you say, ‘Exaltation will come! ’ Then He will save the humble person.

Accidentally, Danny killed his grandfather’s favorite goose. He could vividly imagine his grandfather’s wrath if he found what Danny had been done to his favorite goose. Danny buried it’s carcass hastily and then asked her older sister not to mention anything. Day passed by and Danny had lost his inner peace, always fearful when his grandfather knew what was happened that day. Besides, her sister took advantage of him. Threatening him and took away gifts that were supposed to be his.

He could not get through it anymore. Shakingly he spoke to his grandfather, he told him everything, the entire story, and where he buried the goose. He told his grandfather he was ready to accept any punishment he had in mind. He readied his mind and body, closed his eyes, and felt something warm around his body. His grandfather hugged him and told him the truth: I knew it all. I saw it and I forgave you right away that day. Tearfully he regretted his decision not to tell his grandfather soon enough and let his sister owned his life and torment it. If only I told the truth as soon as possible, my life would not be so miserable.

Don’t blame Danny. We did it sometimes too. Thinking we can do it all alone and hide our misdeeds. Then what? Only miseries, threats, anxieties, and fruitless lives instead. But when we humbly bow our heads down and confess our misdeeds and transgressions, His forgiveness is far exceeded our wildest dreams.


Guilt-free life is when we HUMBLY BOW our heads down and CONFESS OUR SIN AND MISTAKES.


1. Do you have any mistakes that concern you? How does it affect your life?
2. In your opinion, how is God looking at your misdeeds and transgressions?
3. What will you do after understand today’s rhema?


“Jesus, I am grateful for Your forgiveness. I aware, I cannot solve my problems by my might only. I need You. Today, I want to bow down at Your feet, confess my transgressions. I believe You will provide for my freedom, peace, and blessings. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


1 Samuel 19-21
Luke 11:29-54