A Pure Heart is Easy to Mold (Noon)


Psalm 51: 12 Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit.

One day, a potter was looking for a vessel to polish again. He entered a shop, walked around looking at the various vessels. Seeing the potter walking down the shelf, the silver vessel said: “Choose me! I am strong and beautiful.” But he just kept quiet and passed it. Then he saw a glass vessel, and it said, “Yes! Yes! Come here, just take me! I am very clear and wide.” But potter said nothing and passed it. He then saw a wooden vessel. The wooden vessel began to show off its beauty, “Look at my body! Full of beautiful carvings. And I am also very sturdy. You better choose me!” Once again, the potter did not make a sound and left it.

At the corner of the room, he saw a dusty clay vessel, lying on the floor. He was curious. He approached and examined the vessel, in a low voice the clay vessel said, “Sir, will you choose me? I know I am ugly, but will you shape and polish me so that I can be beautiful?” Hearing that, the potter smiled and took the clay vessel. “I don’t need a strong and beautiful vessel. All I need is a vessel that is willing to be shaped,” said the potter.

So it is with God. He is not looking for great, smart, or strong people. He is looking for people who have a pure heart, a heart that is willing and easy to shape. How about us? Do we have a heart like it? Believe me, even though the molding process is unpleasant, the ultimate goal is for our good. Because He never plans bad things for us, only a bright and hopeful future.


Having a PURE HEART means having a heart that is EASILY MOLDED by the Holy Spirit.


1. Is your heart easy or difficult to mold by the Holy Spirit?
2. What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit molding your heart?
3. How to have an easy-mold heart?


“Father, we long to fully surrender to You. Mold us according to Your will, Father. Make us beautiful vessels that You can use for the Your glory. We know that Your design is the best for each of us. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”