Always Remember and Walk with The Holy Spirit in All Conditions (Evening)


John 14:15-31


John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever;

Warner Bros Pictures released the Justice League movie in 2017. Justice League put the subtitle of “You Can’t Save The World Alone”. The film tells how the world superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg fought to defeat Steppenwolf. He was the evil man who wanted to create an apocalypse for mankind. Steppenwolf made and expanded the super-strong parademon armies that made the five superheroes overwhelmed. They then agreed to ask help from Superman who was successfully resurrected from the dead. With the help from Superman through a very exciting battle, the superheroes can finally defeat Steppenwolf and the parademon armies.

In John 14:16, Jesus called the Holy Spirit the “Comforter” which in Greek is called “parakletos”. The meaning is “a comforter, helper, or mediator.” The Holy Spirit is a request from Jesus to the Father to be given to the disciples. After Jesus ascended to heaven, it was the Holy Spirit who would accompany the disciples. Give help and strengthen them in various struggles that they face. The Holy Spirit is eternal, not limited by the dimensions of space and time. HE will always be with the disciples wherever they are forever.

Through Mr. Obaja, our Pastor, God gave the rhema of the Holy Spirit for our church. The 2021 year is THE YEAR OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! This is the year where the power of the Holy Spirit will be poured out and manifested very powerfully. Since the beginning of this year, let us start to rise and strive to make sure that the Holy Spirit is at the foremost place in each of us. Have a heart that always thirsts and hunger of the Holy Spirit. Do not just seek Him when you are at your edge, but always remember and walk with the Holy Spirit in all conditions. If we start this year with the Holy Spirit, then He will work powerfully throughout 2021 and beyond. Bringing miracles and power for us to do great things so that the name of the Lord be more glorified.


Not only when you are at the edge, but ALWAYS REMEMBER and WALK WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT


1. What does the Holy Spirit mean in your life?
2. Honestly, do you always remember the Holy Spirit or only when you are at your edge?
3. What is your commitment to start making the Holy Spirit the foremost and always walk with Him?


“Father, forgive us if we often forget Your Holy Spirit and only remember Him when we are at the edge. At the beginning of this year, we make the Holy Spirit the foremost person in our lives. Help us to always remember the Holy Spirit in all conditions. We want to walk together with the Holy Spirit until the end of our lives. Thank you, Father. In the name of Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”