Appreciate Your Family Time Wiselyty (Morning)


Luke 12:35 “Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning;

As a housewife, Hanna is not customed to her recent life. Usually, she started her day by buying groceries in a nearby market, cooked breakfast for her husband and children, then working. In the evening, after work, she cooked for dinner, accompanied her children doing their homework. On Friday she attended her cell group and doing her part in church’s services. But recently, she is stressed. She had nothing to do, she felt worthless.

For the last week, her youngest children got ill. For a week she must take her to leave and take care of her youngest. When she sat there, feeling burdened, God spoke to her: your family is as important as your work, if not more. She felt cold water touched her skin and suddenly be awakened. Even though she always spenT her time with her family how many times she SPENT her quality time with them? At that moment, she realized, how important it is, in this complete silence of her children’s bedroom, her togetherness with her children. She knew after all this year, her children would be all grownups they will have their own life, with their loved ones and their children. This time she had then, would be priceless.

Sometimes our businesses and jobs separate us from what matters the most. Our businesses make us forget the value of “present”. Because what we show today, is what we will reap tomorrow. If you are busy building your business empire, how you would maintain your family? Is it matter with all the wealth you possess if your family is in ruin? The essence of living in God and righteousness is love and doing it “now” truly makes a difference. If your works and businesses overwhelm you to a point where you forget the feeling of togetherness with your family, stop right now! Your family is the only one who matters. He gave you your family as the most treasured thing you could ever possess in this life and later.


OUR WAY to SPEND TIME tells others how wise we appreciate it.


1. Did you spend your time wisely? If not, why?
2. In your opinion, what is the correct and wise strategy to spend your time?
3. What are your commitments to spend your time wisely after reading today’s rhema? Share it with your cell group


“Good Father, forgive us if in the past we still waste our time with insignificant matters. Teach us to appreciate it and use it with more wisdom. Because we know, every second is counted for us among others, especially with our family and loved ones. Let our time in this temporary world be useful to others especially for Your cause. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Isaiah 17-19
Ephesians 5:17-33