Be God’s Beloved (Morning)


Psalm 65:5 By awesome deeds in righteousness You will answer us, O God of our salvation, You who are the confidence of all the ends of the earth, And of the far–off seas;

Every parent always loves their children. But some children have distinguished ability to seize their parents’ hearts and become their beloved children. It’s widely known that each individual has their own predisposition to please others. In this particular case, only those children who know how to please their parents’ hearts could become their beloved children.

Those who are close with their parents are known to be their beloved children. David understood this. After centuries of neglect, The Ark of Covenant finally caught his attention. His very first decree after becoming a king was: removing the Ark of Covenant from its tent to a more decent place. He’d done this for two reasons. First, he wanted God to be among His beloved nation and let him and the Israelites worship Him. God was so pleased with his devotion, He sent prophet Nathan and blessed him personally. God will strengthen his kingdom for eternity and through his bloodline, the world’s savior would be born.

It could be us. If we want His blessing in our lives, become His beloved children. Get close to Him, always listen to His words. Know His voice and subtle changes in His heart. If you could make it, He will bless you with double portion blessing and anointing. Intensify your daily prayers, praise and worship, and bible studies. It’s the Year of the Holy Spirit and God will make sure each of us could make it happens.


GET CLOSE and connect yourself to God and you’ll be his beloved.


1. In your opinion, what does become God’s beloved children mean? Do you consider yourself one?
2. In your opinion, how important is it to always be close to Him and be His beloved children? Why do you think so?
3. What you are planning to do to achieve it? Share it with your cell group


“God, we truly are blessed because You raised us as Your beloved children. You are our good Father and put in our hearts a burning desire to always seek You. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Ecclesiastes 10-12
Galatians 1