Be Limitless with the Holy Spirit (Evening)


1 John 4:4b because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Smith Wigglesworth was a servant of God and known for incredible power and miracles in his ministry. Smith said that the most important thing is being filled with THE HOLY SPIRIT continually until overflowed. He would keep praying, worshiping, speaking in tongues, and meditating on God’s words until he was overflowed with the Holy Spirit. “I have to be filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit until I can catch the fire in spirit!” Without that fire, nothing will happen. If we can catch that fire, miracles will surely happen.” When Smith caught the fire, he would immediately release it. That’s when the Holy Spirit worked. The power and miracles would be manifested extraordinarily and wonders would happen.

Besides Smith, there is Kathryn Kuhlman. An anointed woman whom God used remarkably to do spectacular miracles. Kathryn said that before she prayed for the sick people, she would wait for one PERSON beforehand, which is the Holy Spirit. If that Person hasn’t manifested His presence, then nothing will happen. That’s why Kathryn would pray and worship God until at one point, she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. After that, she prayed for the sick people. The power of the Holy Spirit was amazingly manifested through her prayers, and miracles after miracles happened.

From these two servants of God who God used remarkably, we can see how tremendous the power of the Holy Spirit. We do have limitations and weaknesses. However, when we ask for anointing and for the Holy Spirit to fill us, then the Holy Spirit will make us unlimited. As the fullness of the Holy Spirit dominates our lives, our capacity to be fruitful will be expanded. We will be fruitful in all seasons and we will walk from glory to greater glory.


When the UNLIMITED HOLY SPIRIT fills us, then the Holy Spirit will make us UNLIMITED.


1. What have been your limitations?
2. Have you overcome those limitations? How?
3. What will happen to your limitations when the unlimited Holy Spirit fills your life?


“Holy Spirit, please fill us with Your anointing so that we, who are full of limitations, can be used by You without limit, and can be fruitful for the glory of Your name. Thank you, Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”