Christmas is Moment of Great Joy (Evening)


Matthew 2:1-12


Matthew 2:10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.

On the first Christmas Eve, the shepherds had a great honor. They received the first good news that was delivered by an angel. At that time, the shepherd was considered a lowly profession, even as a group of sinners who liked to steal and cheat. At that time there was a shepherd who tended 100 sheep and only brought back 98 of them and confessed to his master that 2 sheep were lost to the wolves. When his lie was exposed, all the shepherds suffered the consequences and lost their honor. But then the angel delivered the news of the birth of the baby Jesus to them, this was a great joy for them. They got honor precisely when they were insulted, they regained their confidence because now they believed that they were valuable in the eyes of God.

Today we are preparing for Christmas. The Great Joy is again being proclaimed to mankind. Whatever our circumstances are, trust God is ready and able to restore us. This year has been tough, the global pandemic is making a lot of people economically difficult. Not to mention the anxiety and fear because of the existence of the virus for which no cure has been found, making many people lose their peace. Today God’s words tell us that the Great Joy has come to the world. God loves us very much and cares for us very much. We have the right to be joyful.

Jesus’ birth into the world is evidence of God’s unfailing love. Being loved means that we are in the protection and presence of the Almighty God, the God of El-Shaddai. So, let’s rise again, don’t waste God’s work on us. Receive a brighter than ever glory named peace and joy. Not just ordinary joy and joy, but great joy! The joy that never lasts like the Father’s love for us. MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Not only is it peaceful, but Christmas is also a MOMENT OF GREAT JOY.


1. What do you feel at this Christmas moment?
2. Is there peace and joy in your heart? If not, because of what is the loss of peace and joy in your heart?
3. How are you going to make Christmas a moment of great joy for you?


“Lord Jesus, thank you for being born into the world for us. We want to rejoice because You have come to bring great peace and joy, overcoming every difficulty that we are facing. Your light of glory will shine even brighter in the lives of each of us. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”