Christmas: The True Light Has Come (Evening)


John 1:1-18


John 1:9 That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.

China built an artificial sun. Yes, it has successfully powered a nuclear fusion reactor for the first time. The reactor is designed to be a clean energy source that generates 10 times the heat of the original sun. The reactor is located in southwestern Sichuan province and was finished late last year. It is 10 times hotter than the real sun. But will it work as expected? It still takes time to prove it. No matter how great it is, it is made by man and cannot be compared to the work of God. The sun has been a source of heat and light that is needed by mankind until now. Time has proven that life in this universe is greatly influenced by the existence of the sun.

During his ministry, many people thought that John the Baptist was the light to come to save the world. His extraordinary life had indeed illuminated the darkness of that era. His ministry was recognized as a blessing and praised by many people. But John himself said that he only PREPARED THE WAY because John knew a person would come later. Yes, Jesus Christ is the TRUE LIGHT, who will save the world. (John 1: 6-9)

The world is in darkness right now. We believe that at this time, we can be here is a blessing of God’s grace solely because of His light that has come down on us. But the glory and light we have experienced this whole year is just a glimpse. This is just the start and the warm-up. Keep believing, at the end of this year TRUE LIGHT will come for those of us who remain faithfully looking forward to it. Keep praying, keep trying. Get up and move in God’s plan. The real glory that has come to fulfill Isaiah 60 in our lives.


The end of the year is CHRISTMAS MOMENT, time for the BRIGHT LIGHT to come.


1. What light and glory of God have you experienced this year?
2. Do you know that this is just the beginning?
3. What will be your hope when that the real light comes into your life?


“Lord Jesus, thank you for Your light that has risen on us throughout 2020. Even though the world is in the darkness, Your loving kindness will always shine upon us. We are joyful and look forward to your true light at the end of this year. Isaiah 60 will be fulfilled in our lives. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”