Conquering Every fear (Noon)


Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Let’s talk about David, a young man who was ruddy with bright eyes and good-looking. How could he have such courage to face Goliath? A giant with big stature who intimidated and terrified the entire Israeli army, including King Saul. David only defeated Goliath with a slingshot and a stone. He could win because he relied on God, the Almighty God. He only focused on the great God whom he worshiped regardless of the enemy he faced.

Most of us fail to see what David saw. We just focus on the problems. We start to fear failure, sickness, trouble, death, and so on. We forget that our God is BIGGER than all. We need to realize that devil’s favorite thing is shooting fiery arrows repeatedly. attacking us with the spirit of fear and making us feel as if we are locked in trouble with no chance of escape. We become weak, give up and lose hope because of it.

Today we are reminded our living and powerful God is with us. He will never leave us alone. Do not allow the devil to deceive our minds, but rather conquer one by one the fears that come to us. As a hero, act bravely. Face and overcome every problem, believe me, the fear is just a trick of the evil one. When we dare to take steps forward, God who is with us will take us from one victory to an even greater victory. Let’s continue to rise with the Holy Spirit in building good health, work, family, and ministry.


Conquer ONE by ONE the fears that come to us.


1. Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? What caused you to be so fearful?
2. Why do we need to conquer fear?
3. What fears that do you want to conquer first?


“Jesus, we need anointing for our spiritual eyes to see and focus on You, the great God. Give us the courage to step up and conquer our fears. We believe that with You we are more than conquerors. Amen.”