The Consequences Of Transgression And Stubbornness


Proverbs 28:1-28


Proverbs 28:13 He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.

There was a time when Swedish King, Charles XII did not want to recognized Gregorian calendar out of sheer pride and stubbornness. Thus resulting in Sweden had a convoluted dating system and therefore documents mismanagement. This chaos only ended when the Great Northern War emerged in 1700. Diverting their attention from calendar issues. On 29th February 1704, a huge crowd gathered and celebrated Sweden’s first leap year. King Charles XII, incapable of stopping such a huge crowd, made a royal decree. The final date of February in 1712 would be ended with 30 February instead of 29. It was a huge step transitioning from Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar.

Simply because of stubbornness, Egypt had to endure many troubles and misfortunes. Pharaoh’s stubbornness finally took its toll. Ten Plagues of Egypt. Each more severe than before. Eighth Plagues turned Egypt into the desert, plagued by swarms of locust, send by God by strong winds. So great the calamity even in the bright sunny day: They covered all the ground until it was black(Ex: 10:15a).

The consequence of stubbornness and transgression is severe. Like the Pharaoh, many of us didn’t yet realize: our lives are plagued. Plagued from our sins, our transgressions, our misdeed. Let’s look within ourselves, check our hearts. What’re our wrongdoings towards Him? What have we done? Confess our transgressions, our sins. Like what the Pharaoh did. When we truly confess and ask for His forgiveness, God would only then send his West Winds and sends billions upon billions of locusts into the Red Sea never to be seen again. Confess our misdeed and repent especially from stubbornness, then His West Winds would sweep away our problems, right here and now.


TRANSGRESSIONS and STUBBORNNESS only bring severe consequences in our lives.


  1. Do you ever act stubbornly and did not admit your misdeed to God? Then, what did God show you?
  2. Why God does not want you to act stubbornly?
  3. Then, how you could repent from your sins?


“God, I am grateful to have a faithful Lord just like You even when I do not act accordingly and respond the same. You still faithfully with me, the sinner. Forgive me for all of my misdeed and sins. I no longer want to act stubbornly. Show my misdeed and then lead me to Your way. Heal my spirits and use my life as Your instruments, to spread Your words, Your blessings, and to glorify Your name even more than today. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


Genesis 43-45
Matthew 12:24-50