Depression Free (Morning)


Lamentations 3:1-25


Lamentations 3:20 My soul still remembers And sinks within me.

She was depressed. She remembered vividly that fateful day. She and her little brother were playing on the beach. Running and laughing. When suddenly a huge wave came. Her little brother was dragged into the depths, when the rescue team finally been able to find his body, it was too late. Her concerned parents brought her to many psychiatrists with negligible results. They convinced her all the same thing, over and over again: it was not her fault.

With their last remaining hope, they asked a preacher to help with her trouble. After a short briefing, the preacher approached that girl, looked straight into her eyes, and with the unwavering resolution, he said: “Yes it was all your fault. You were guilty. You were careless and look what you’ve done, you killed your brother. It was your fault for not to pull your brother a little bit faster or brought him closer to land. It was all your fault.” She was shocked. No one ever said that to her. They always pitied her until that point. But the preacher continued: “Your mistake was great, sure. But God knows you did that unintentionally. You didn’t mean to harm your brother. You love him. And God loves you as well. He already forgives you, my child.” The girl screamed. Suddenly a heavy burden was lifted from her shoulders. She was freed.

We make mistakes, a lot. Sometimes our mistakes were so severe, we could not find a way to redeem ourselves. We torment our body, soul, and mind with guilt and blame ourselves. But today, God brings to us a new rhema. It’s okay if we did mistakes, God understands, as long as we want to repent and promise not to do it again. His love far exceeds our mistakes. God lets us make mistakes to ensure our growth and increase our experiences. Bring your broken heart, He will fix it and frees it from guilt.


ENDLESS GUILT is the major cause of DEPRESSION.


1. Do you still have a lingering sense of guilt? What does it for?
2. How does it affect your life, that sense of guilt?
3. After you found out His love far exceeds your worst mistakes, what do you feel and what will you do about it?


“Jesus Christ, I am grateful for Your everlasting love towards me. I confess every misdeed I ever did, and we humbly ask for Your kindness and mercy, for Your benevolence and Your forgiveness. We no longer want to hurt Your heart anymore. Free me from this shackle called guilt, and let me walk together with You in Your path guided by Your light. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


1 Samuel 15-16
Luke 10:25-42