Do Not Quench The Spirit (Evening)


1 Thessalonians 5:19 Do not quench the Spirit

There was a story of a young man who thinks he was an unfortunate young man. One day he sat by the street thinking about his faith. “Why am I so unfortunate, born in a poor and uneducated family”. While he was seated, an old man came by and asked him, “Young man, why are you so gloomy? He answered faintly, “I don’t understand why I’m so poor, old man”. The old man replied full of wisdom “Poor? You are not poor; I can see that you are wealthy”. The young man was stunned by the old man’s words.

“Rich? How am I rich? I can barely eat three times a day”, he answered. “Young man, if I ask to buy one of your hands for a hundred ounces of silver, would you sell it?” “Of course, not”, the young man immediately answered. “How about I double it? two hundred?”. The young man answered the same thing. The old man continued, “If I would buy both your hands for 800 ounces of silver would you sell them to me?”. “Of course, not”, replied the young man firmly. “See, aren’t you rich, young man? Even your feet, health, and your life that God gives you has not included in our calculation.”

Many times, we feel the same way. Our condition lets us down and fell hopeless. This could extinguish our spirit. We could start to move away from God, become lazy to go to prayers, withdraw from our services. Problems, pandemics, challenges, and crises could trigger the extinguishing of our spirit, but whether it is extinguished or not, it depends on us. The spirit will not die unless we let it die. Once we lost our spirit, the loss is ours. This is why during a big problem; we need to burn our spirit even more. Remember that Jesus has risen and conquered the world, the great unprecedented resurrection. Do not let our guard down, burn the spirit dan rise to do what God has planned in our life.


Our spirit CANNOT DIE unless WE LET IT DIE.


1. What often kills your spirit?
2. Do you know when your spirit dies? What are the symptoms?
3. How will you fight to burn your spirit in God?


“Thank You, Lord, through Your sacrifice and resurrection, we are blessed with salvation. This is our life, Lord; we want to light up our spirit to serve you till the end of our life. In the name of Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”