Do Not Rely on Your Own Understanding, But Believe in His Promise (Evening)


Isaiah 7:1-9


Isaiah 7:9b If you will not believe, Surely you shall not be established.

For Anthony, a standup comedian, this pandemic has affected him significantly. Almost all of his contracts were canceled due to the health protocol that prohibits gatherings and events in an enclosed space. In the meantime, he could still survive by living off his savings. However, after several months, his debts and bills had been piling up. Anthony did not know when this pandemic would end. Logically, according to the news and media, the world will suffer a prolonged economic crisis. He could no longer rely on his job anymore. Amid depression and chaos, one of his friends asked him to create content on Youtube. It turns out that the content managed to attract a lot of viewers. They became more motivated to create more eye-catching content. While the number of viewers kept increasing, Anthony’s income surpassed his previous earnings.

Faith often contradicts logic. Especially during this challenging year, there are many people whose faith begins to wither. They no longer walk by faith but by logic and their understanding. We may still pray, but deep down in our heart, we no longer either believe or hope that what pray for can still happen. We start to doubt God’s promises of the year of glory. Out of our mouth, we may say “Yes! Amen!”, but in our hearts, there is a doubt we face the contradicting reality.

Today, strengthen your heart and faith. Even though it is nearly the end of the year, God can still work on His amazing miracles! Keep persevering in prayer and taking action. Our good Father would never give the stone to His children who ask for bread. Remember, just because something has not happened yet, it does not mean it is impossible. When we rely on logic and our own understanding, we easily fall into despair when facing a great challenge. However, when we believe in God’s promises, we will be established, and God’s grace will be poured out upon us. God’s glory that is brighter than ever before will not only give answers to our prayer but also bring great miracles and breakthroughs in our lives.


Just because something has not happened yet, it does not mean it is impossible. DO NOT RELY ON LOGIC AND YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING, strengthen your heart, and keep believing in His promise!


1. Which have you been relying on so far, your logic or God’s promises?
2. In what situation does your logic contradict your faith?
3. What do you need to do to strengthen your faith in His promises?


“Heavenly Father, thank you for being with us until now. We believe, Father, that even during calamity we can stand still only because of Your name. We will keep holding on to Your promises, Your promise of salvation that never changes never fails, and is never late. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”