NOVEMBER 28, 2022 / DAY 1#


Hebrews 12:15a looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God;

Velin was a transferred student out of town. Her parents were already divorced, so she grew up as a hard-headed child. She liked to curse and was involved in fights and violent acts. Her grades were terrible, and she transferred schools a lot because schools refused to keep her. One day, a friend took her to church. Velin initially refused because she thought it was ridiculous. But her friend intentionally mocked her for being a coward, to which Velin accepted her challenge.

Nobody would have thought that when Velin came to Church, God touched her heart. She, who came in rebellion, cried her heart out. The turning point of her life ignited that very moment. There is no more rebelling Velin. She continued to grow in character, and her achievement significantly increased since she received God’s grace of salvation.

Just like Velin, we also want to live in the abundance of God’s grace and love. Because living in grace will produce satisfactory outcomes for everything we do. The Bible tells us not to be distant from God’s grace. Keep in mind that our God is faithful. He never leaves us. It is we who stay away from His love and grace. This is fatal and hurts our life. Because living outside of grace is a miserable and horrible kind of life. Therefore, don’t even think about being distant from God’s grace. As of today, commit to being close and living forever in God’s grace. And we will have the happiest life and receive the very best from God.


God’s grace is NEVER DISTANT AWAY from us. It is we who DISTANCE OURSELVES from it.


1. Have you ever been distant from God’s grace? How did you feel?
2. What do you think is the effect of being distant from God’s grace?
3. What is your commitment to applying today’s devotion?


“Oh Lord, thank You for Your abundant love and grace in our life. Forgive us for being distant from Your grace. Lead us back to life in Your grace and love. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”


2 Samuel 14-15
Luke 17:1-19