Fight Against Your Flesh by Strengthening Your Inner Man (Noon)


Galatians 5:16 I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Due to the impact of online teaching and learning activities, Sadie’s business to sell food in the morning faced difficulties. Her customers, the parents who provide supplies for their children, have decreased significantly. Because of that, she switched to selling in the afternoon until just before midnight. She changed her sleep schedule because she could only rest before dawn. This is a problem for her because she actually is involved in the ministry, on Sunday morning. Sadie didn’t dare push herself, because she was worried that she would fall asleep during the service.

It has been nearly 4 months since Sadie only took part in the online service. There was a feeling of dryness in her heart and something missing from it. She longed to feel God’s touch directly at the onsite worship. She realized that it would not be good if this situation continued. She also decided to commit to rearranging her schedule so that she could wake up earlier and build a relationship with God through quiet time. She believed that God would open a way so that she could immediately return to serving in the morning service.

Situations and conditions that are happening, sometimes make us stay away from God’s presence. Without us knowing it, our spirits become dry slowly. At that time, we become weak and compromise the flesh. We begin to abstain from worshiping at church, withdraw from ministry, skipping our personal quiet time and our personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. All of this makes our spirits even drier. Our rhema word today reminds us not to follow our flesh, but fight it by strengthening our spiritual man. The 21 days of fasting prayer movement that starts this week is a great opportunity to revive our spirits. Maybe at first, we need to force ourselves to be disciplined, but make up our mind and follow the program to the end. Our spirits will be revived and we will see resurrections that we have never experienced before in various aspects of our lives.


Do not follow our Flesh, on the contrary, resist it by STRENGTHENING our SPIRITUAL MAN.


1. What do you feel when your spiritual man is weak?
2. What fleshly desire is often difficult for you to fight?
3. What is your decision to fight against the flesh and strengthen your spirit person?


“Jesus, forgive us if we pull ourselves away from Your presence because of busyness. Help us to fight against our flesh and give us a firm determination to discipline to build and strengthen our inner man again. Thank you, Lord. In Your name Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”