Fix Your Eyes on God (Morning)


Colossians 3:2 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

Disney’s adaptation of Tarzan is based on stories by British writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. The story was published in 1914. It tells a story about a marooned infant boy, taken care of by a group of great apes. The boy learned how to communicate with animals and how to survive in the wilderness. He was grown into a man, knowing nothing but his jungle. It caused his understanding of the civilized world and society was next to nonexistent. But this was changed when a group of researchers held a scientific project on his territory. He met his own kind of opposite gender for the first time. After that, Jane Porter, who he knew and fell in love with, brought him to civilization.

After reaching a certain age, infants only understand the world as it is. Their home is the world. Their parents and family are their first contact. But when they reach teenage or adulthood, their perspective is widened. Their understanding is expanded. They won’t think that their parents are the only “person” in their lives, they are starting to court, dating, and facing the real world outside.

But what does it affect our lives as Christians? That’s exactly the whole point. We must refocus our sights. Our world is not just a jungle and our homes. There’s a world that exists beyond our visible realm. We must prepare ourselves to live not only in this world but also in His realm, His kingdom of Heaven. God wants us, to fix our sights up above. Higher above our limits. Far beyond our thoughts. When we try to fix our sights up above, our understanding of life would be changed, and in turn, we will be prepared to receive greater things in our lives.


God wants us to LIFT UP OUR EYES.


1. What does it mean to lift your eyes up above?
2. Have you already lifted your eyes up?
3. Why does He want you to lift up your eyes above?


“O good Father, we understand that we set our sights wrongly. We focused our sights on those around us. We understand our limitations, and starting from now, we want to fix our sights up above, to Your unlimited power. We want to see the world as You want us to see it. Because we know, You know our future better than us. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Revelation 16