Focus on Main Priorities and Goals in Our Life (Evening)


2 Corinthians 4:18 as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

In the morning Rina was in a hurry to prepare meeting materials for her new project. She woke up late because she had spent time with her friends last night. Rina forgot to prepare her main task, which she has to represent her team to do the presentation of the latest marketing program at her company. Without having morning prayer and quiet time, Rina immediately got ready and went to the office. Due to lack of focus and her hastened, the materials she had prepared were left on her desk at home.

Many things make us finally lose focus on the main priorities and goals in our lives. Not only in our daily duties and obligations, but often we forget God’s vision and His calling upon us. Many people say and think that they are walking with God, but they are walking before God and will command God. They do as their will and not what God wants for them. Like Rina, she forgets that her main duty at work is to be a blessing, not to gain popularity or social status. As a result, Rina is not serious with her job and she even makes her work place a place to gain friendship with socialites.

We can learn from the apostle Paul about living a fruitful life. His ministry can be so impactful because he is always focused on his purpose, vision, and calling in life. That’s why we must always focus on our target. Focus on our vision, our dreams and our calling. Don’t let wild plants make our lives run wild without direction. Remember God was not playing games when he created us, but God has a clear purpose for our lives. It will become a channel of blessing for the glory of God and be fruitful in every aspect of our lives.


Learn to FOCUS on the MAIN PRIORITIES and GOALS in our lives.


1. What are your main priorities and goals in life?
2. Have you ever lost focus on your main priorities and goals in life? What has caused it?
3. What will you do to learn to stay focused on your main priorities and goals in life?


“Father, thank you for our lives. Thank you for the plan you put in every part of our lives. Teach us Father to always focus on our priorities and main goals in life. We believe our lives will be fruitful and produce sweet fruit as we direct our focus to Your beautiful and great plan for our lives. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”