Follow His Rhema (Morning)


Psalm 25:4 Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths.

Sadie always wants to please God. She lives her life according to Bible. She always forgives those who wronged her. But something is still a mystery for her: what if this particular man is continuously wronged her? What if he always do the same mistakes over and over again? Is her forgiveness futile? Wasted? She even has a bizarre thought that her husband, Mark, takes sinful acts light-heartedly. She fears for her husband’s souls. But when she reminds him about his behaviors, he never takes her advice seriously.

In her tears, she wants an answer, a solid answer. She wants God to show her the way and not making a mistake. Holy Spirit gives her a rhema: Luke 5:1-8. She is surprised because deep in her heart, she no longer wants to do anything with Mark. After reading the passages, she finally gets it: she feels like Simon, doing what God asks him to do. It seems a mind-numbing job with no visible results. Simon and his friends were fishing at the same spot for the whole night and Jesus asked him to throw his fishing net once more. But Simon obliged. Sadie understands God sends this rhema to restore her family’s life.

Not just once, our lives seemed to head nowhere. Generally, God’s words are guaranteed to let us slipped from any tight situations. But to make things better, we need rhema, a more specific message designed only specifically for your very need. He always ready to open His arms and whispers His messages, His rhema to our ears, if you come to Him, pray, and ask for His help.


Our DECISION to follow His RHEMA is precisely based on His wisdom and INSTRUCTIONS.


1. What is the foundation of decision-making?
2. Do you have any personal experiences about making decisions based on God’s rhema?
3. What do you do to get His rhema daily?


“Jesus, our ever faithful LORD, You never reject our pleas if we come and begging for Your advice. Generously You give them, and patiently You guide us to our successful lives and catch what Your plans on our lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Psalms 103-104
1 Corinthians 2