Get Rhema from The Lord to Gain Victory (Noon)


Psalm 119:1-176


Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

Entering 2021, many people already have plans and visions. But many of them still don’t know what they will do. Some people can already see clearly what will happen in 2021. Some people may still be vague, and some may see absolutely nothing. They don’t know what to do to solve their problems. Maybe marriage problems, illness, school fees, paying off debts, and so on.

What we see will greatly affect what we do and what we will achieve. For example, we already have plans to go out to eat with our family. In our minds, we can already see what the program will be like, where to eat, and what to eat. Automatically, that day we will adjust the work schedule and make time for the event. And finally, we go with the family and become a fun simple recreational event. Likewise, if we want to experience a big breakthrough in 2021. The first thing we have to do is strive to be able to get God’s rhema, so that we have a direction where we must go to achieve victory in this new year. Make the word of God a lamp for our feet and that illuminates the path that we are going to take so that this year we can have a big breakthrough. A victory that makes us cheer.

Gratefully, we are planted in a church that always walks in God’s rhema. This year, God has also given the rhema of the Holy Spirit year for all of us. If we follow, pay attention, and catch every rhema message that God delivers through His servants, then the Holy Spirit will open our spiritual eyes. Not only our church but we too, as separate individuals, will receive divine guidance throughout 2021 and our lives. Make this commitment a starting point for us to walk with the Holy Spirit. With Him, we can break through every limit of incompetence and impossibility.


Strive to GET RHEMA for 2021 so that we can have a direction to achieve VICTORY in this NEW YEAR.


1. Have you got God’s rhema for 2021? What is it?
2. If not, have you sincerely asked God to give you a special rhema?
3. After getting the rhema, what is your commitment to fight for it?


“Thank you, Father, for Your goodness in our life. We pray that each of us will receive a rhema from You for us to strive for. Open our spiritual eyes so we can see a clear vision for this year. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”