God Bounds to His Promise of Year of Glory (Noon)


Isaiah 55:1-13


Isaiah 55:3b I will make an everlasting covenant with you—The sure mercies of David.

Having a husband, who is ignorant of his wife’s and family’s needs, is surely a problem. It becomes worse if the husband gets angry and yells at his wife. This is what happened to Mrs. Kartika, one of our congregations. In her testimony, she wrote that she had asked Pastor Obaja to pray for her on her family problem on October 22nd. Praise God, her husband now becomes more humble, compassionate, and a blessing to the family. At the end of November, her husband even gave Mrs. Kartika an allowance for her personal needs.

Mrs. Kartika’s problems did not happen in a short period of time. Even after being prayed, her husband did not abruptly change. There was a period of time until her husband changed. Mrs. Kartika did not stay idle while waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promise. She diligently joined Pondok Daud every morning and evening. In the morning, while working in the kitchen, she joined Pondok Daud and Mezbah Doa in Youtube. She also joined Live Streaming with Pastor Obaja every Wednesday and Thursday, and turned the volume up on purpose so that her husband could also hear it. Being curious, her husband finally joined listening to it while having coffee. Mrs. Kartika’s yearning for husband to receive Holy Spirit’s touch through the Word of God, has been fulfilled. Not only that, her husband now even joins a cell group.

God’s promises often need time and a long process. We even think that maybe God forgets or even neglects His promises to us. The Word of God today strengthens us that His promises are eternal to Him. Event though it seems that it contradicts without current situation, His promise in The Year of Glory is still valid! God binds Himself to His promise, not with vulnerable bind, but with a very strong one. Satan will be desperate to even try undoing this strong bind. So, do not be afraid, the promise of year of glory has been bound firmly between God and us. No matter how big the challenge we face right now, BE STRONG! Keep doing our part. God’s glory at the end of the year will be even brighter than before.


Do not be afraid, the promise of year of glory has been bound strongly between God and us.


1. Have you been doubtful about God’s promises this year?
2. Now that you know God is bound to the promises made by Himself, how do you feel?
3. What will you do if that doubt comes back to your heart?


“Jesus Christ, thank you for affirming your eternal promise to us. Please help us to dismiss any doubt in our heart, because we believe that in a little while Your brighter glory will be manifested in our lives. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”