God Transforms Bitter Heart (Morning)


Psalm 34:12-23


Psalms 34:19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all.

Friends are to whom you keep no secret. You share them all: your dreams, stories, or even shameful experience. No holding back. Mia did that as well. She has a close friend, a friend she truly believes her deepest secrets. But one day, she found out, her friend betrayed her. Her close friend spoke ill behind her back. She remembered when her friend was in need, she tried her best to help her. That only brought oil into flames. She swore she never forgives her. The day after, when she heard a sermon about forgiveness, she broke down and cried. God healed her heart. That day, she met her friend, she smiled and greet her casually without any desire for revenge.

We all could experience a broken heart. The righteous experience it even more. We do the right things to do, set God as our goal, save people, spread gospels, the world always has a way or another to break our hearts, and disappoints us. Look at King David. He had it all. He was a good example of perfect Christians’ life. He is close to God. God deemed him worthy to be a king. All of that thing means nothing. David’s heart was hurt by multiple chances. Saul tried to kill him. Absalom his flesh and blood attempted to dethrone him.

When you have a wound in, let say, your hand, it’s easy to spot it. A wound in your heart is hard to detect and almost impossible to heal. Depressed, lonely, and cranky are symptoms that you lived in bitterness and grudges. Remember this: no heart is too bitter for Him to heal. Bring your broken heart to Him. Let Him fix it and heal it. Trust Him with your heart, He has gentle hands. He will fully restore your heart.


No HEART IS TOO BITTER to be healed and RESTORED in God’s hands.


1. What is your current state of heart? Is there any leftover bitterness inside?
2. What do you feel when you live with a bitter heart?
3. How do you plan on getting closer and surrender it all for God to heal your heart?


“Jesus Christ, I perpetually want to thank You for Your everlasting companion and guidance. The world may disappoint me, but I want to still believe in You, You always be there to keep my heart and restore it. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


Judges 9-10
Luke 5:17-39