God Wants Us to Be More Than A Conqueror (Noon)


Romans 8:37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us

At the 1924 Paris Olympics, Eric Liddell decided something that shocked the world. Eric refused to compete in the 100-meter running arena, his specialty because the competition was held on Sunday. Eric stayed firm to his belief to sanctify the day as the day of the Lord. His decision drew criticism from the public. The public accused him of being unpatriotic as it led to the loss of Scotland’s chances to win the gold medal. The result of the Olympic-Committee meeting finally allowed Eric to stay in the world-class race but the 200 meters and 400 meters. One of Eric’s coaches slipped a small piece of paper before the 400-meter run game began, which contained a quote from 1 Samuel 2:30, “for those who honor Me I will honor”. Good luck.” The coach was right, Eric not only managed to win a gold medal, and he even broke the world record. While in the 200 meters Eric got a bronze medal.

For Eric, living as a Christian is a life that testifies to the glory of Christ. The world record he set in 1924, has now been toppled and surpassed by other athletes, but he left the world, an example of a devout life and NO COMPROMISE TO CHRIST. He was also used by God greatly, many Scotland who in the beginning came to the fellowship of prayer because of Eric’s great name, finally accepted God as a savior after hearing Eric’s sermons. Not only did Christ take him as an Olympic gold medal winner, but also more than a conqueror who brought people to God.

This year, God will make our movement run quickly. Not crawling, not walking, but running fast. People get harvests, but our harvests are bigger, equally blessed, but this year our blessings are even greater. People experience miracles, but our testimonies of miracles are even more powerful. Our part is to fight also more than anyone else. More persevere in contemplating and digging into God’s Word. Worship and serve God more with the best of us. Just believe, starting this year we won’t be average people anymore, God will keep us above average! Not just a conqueror, but more than a conqueror. God bless.


God wants us to be above the average, not only become a conqueror, but MORE THAN A CONQUEROR.


1. Now, let’s honestly evaluate ourselves. Are you an average or above the average with God? Why is that?
2. What do you do to be above the average in your relationship with God?
3. What victories that God give when you put Him first?


“Dear Father, thank you for loving me dearly. We believe Your plane is big and amazing in our lives. Teach us to be more diligent in You, teach us to make You first and foremost in our lives. Because we believe, in You there’s victory. In the name of Jesus, we prayed. Amen.”