Isaiah 51:1-23


Isaiah 51:14 The captive exile hastens, that he may be loosed, That he should not die in the pit, And that his bread should not fail.

The way God helps us is often difficult to understand logically. Sometimes we feel God is letting us wait too long. We have prayed for a long time, we have persevered and faithfully waited for His promise, but until now it has not been fulfilled. We begin to worry that we will become tired of waiting. Our heart feels tight because we don’t know when the help will come.

Martha and Mary experienced the same thing while waiting for Jesus to come and to help their brother Lazarus who was very sick. Jesus could have arrived at their place on the same day, but Jesus deliberately delayed for 3 days. During that time Martha and Mary must have been very anxious about the coming of Jesus. And it was as if Jesus was too late because Lazarus was already dead and buried when He came. For humans, it is too late, but for the Lord Jesus, it is never too late. Because God not only wanted to heal Lazarus but to reveal His glory and His might by raising Lazarus from the dead. (John 11: 1-45)

Sometimes as believers we are faced with difficult situations and circumstances. To choose to believe or see the situation that is right in front of our eyes. Remember that God already has a plan for our lives. He is teaching, shaping, and maturing us so that His glory can be revealed through our problems. _As an eagle stirs up its nest, Hovers over its young,
Spreading out its wings, taking them up, Carrying them on its wings,
So the LORD alone led him, And there was no foreign god with him._ (Deuteronomy 32: 11-12). Thus God’s help and protection will COME SOON with the wind of the Holy Spirit to save us. His strong and mighty hand will soon reach out, hold us, and lift us so that we may be saved from all calamities. Our part is to STAY BELIEVING in our faithful God.


When the WIND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT blows, it means that He will immediately HELP, PROTECT and SAVE His people.


  1. In your opinion, why does God often let us wait so long?
  2. What do you feel during the waiting period for the fulfillment of God’s promises?
  3. How will you respond to the winds of the Holy Spirit from the south that bring you help and salvation?


”Lord Jesus, we believe it is time for Your help to come to each of us. The south wind of the Holy Spirit comes and blows strongly. Protection, deliverance, and salvation occur in our lives, our families, our church, and our nation. Thank you, Lord, in Your name Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.”