God’s Limitless Light (Morning)


Daniel 2:22 he reveals deep and hidden things. He knows what is in the darkness, and light resides with him.

Before he became a servant of God, Pastor Obaja as we know was a textile entrepreneur. When he started his business, he lacked resources and capital. With all of his budget, he bought an old milling machine. Machinery so old, you can find it in a junkyard. Then our pastor went to a milling machine exhibition. He used this rare opportunity to study more about milling machines and their parts and components. After returned home, he broke his old milling machine apart and tried to fix it by himself. It was never an easy task to do. But Holy Spirit guided him, let him knew which parts should be removed or let them as it was. After he fixed his old machinery, he could cut the margins and earned respectable profits than those who bought new machines.

Holy Spirit is the true source of light, enlightenment, and revelation. When darkness falls, His light would dispel it. He would reveal something hidden from our eyes and give us the wisdom to understand it.

Holy Spirit dispels confusion, dismay, and problems. His unlimited power gives us the answer we need and the ability to achieve it. Establish a strong relationship with Him, pray, and worship Him. Left our futile attempt to solve problems by ourselves behind, instead bring them to His presence. He will lead us, He will make this year be a year of prosperity.


Even in DARKNESS, HIS LIGHT could still reach your life.


1. Can you describe how His light affects your life? Share it
2. Did you do something to make His light shines upon you? What are they?
3. How does it change you? Then, what are your commitments, to make It shines brighter?


“O Holy Spirit, we understand it’s Your light that leads us and saves us from eternal darkness. Prepare our hearts to accept It more and more. In the name of Jesus Christ, we. Amen.”


2 Chronicles 32-33
John 18:19-40