Happy and Successful Family (Morning)


Acts 2:44 Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common,

Jenny, the only daughter in her family as well as their sole bread-winner. One day, his diabetic father was diagnosed with valve regurgitation. His doctor said that her father must be operated on in a certain hospital in Semarang, Central Java, they live in Solo. And because of strict bureaucratic procedure, for a whole year, they must travel back and forth between Semarang and Solo. She prayed and asked God for a miracle. When God answered, her father’s operating day was prioritized ahead.

She was happy but at the same time, she must take her to leave to accompany her father. She also must provide her mother whom she left behind in Solo, to take care of the house. She must provide necessary supplies for her and her father when they were in Semarang. Not once she felt pity for herself, must endure so much in her younger days. But when she remembered her parent’s struggles to provide her with love, decent education, and the realization that her parents are the most precious thing she has, her self-pity turned into prayers and blessings. When God finally saw her resolution, He fulfilled her every need and cured her father’s ailments

Every family has ever seen problems. But if each one of them has a sense of belonging to each other it could ease the burden. One straw can be broken but a bundle of straw cannot. Above all else, we have Jesus as our LORD. With Him everything is possible. One thing we must put into consideration is: if this sense of belonging is lost, each family member would turn to each other, lost their respect towards their parents and elders. Distrustful and in the end, a broken family. We could prevent it from happening by intensity family meetings. You could do it by simply hold the family altar together, praying together, or just share your day’s experience. If could manage to do that, a successful and happy family is not far from your reach.


Further, develop your SENSE OF BELONGING to improve your family’s HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.


1. Do you have a sense of belonging to each other in your family?
2. In your opinion, what makes the sense of belonging in your family gradually disappear?
3. What can you do to develop a sense of belonging in your family?


“O LORD, we want to further develop our sense of belonging to each other in our family. We want to feel the warmth of Your Love, be happy and successful with it. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Song of Songs 6-8
Galatians 4