He Sweetens Your Heart (Morning)


Isaiah 44:1-8


Isaiah 44:3a For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, And floods on the dry ground;

She remembered them all. Sharp sterile utensils, the dizzying smell of doctor’s office, dental drilling inside her mouth. Jessie remembered them all. Jessie was 6 years old when she got her first dentist appointment. And she hated it. When her baby tooth was throbbing painfully she didn’t tell a soul. Not even her mom. Afraid that she had to endure those traumatizing and agonizing pain all over again. When her mom realized what’s happened, she forced her little daughter. Even in agony little Jessie still won’t surrender. She refused to open her mouth and let the dentist checked the damage. After not so easy persuasions, she relented. She opened her mouth albeit begrudgingly. Those infernal hellish memories came back. She could imagine all those processes and almost crying. But suddenly her doctor said: okay. It’s over now. She was confused. She felt well. Her tooth was no longer in pain. It took longer for her stubbornness than for the dentist to extract her tooth.

It’s not just our oral hygiene. Sometimes our hearts ache, a lot. Hatred, disappointments, anger, depression, envy, neglect, or greed, they can make our hearts ache. When those things happened, we skillfully trying to hide them and convince ourselves: time will heal all my wounds. If we do not extract those ‘rotten teeth’ it would infect healthy ones. Just a single rotten tooth can lead to disastrous results.

Before we allow Him to heal us, we must open our ‘mouth’ and ‘inspect’ it. Let Him extract our ‘rotten teeth’ of negativities. When He is done, you could tell the difference. It’s easier to live your life with one less rotten tooth. You could ‘chew’ and ‘consume’ His gospels and messages easily then grow stronger to do wonderful things in His name.


OPEN UP YOUR HEART and LET THE HEALER IN for He will SWEETEN your bitter heart.


1. Is there any bitterness that lingers in your heart?
2. Why it is necessary to open up your heart before He can heal you?
3. How do you plan to let Him in and sweeten your life?


“Father, I am grateful because You always keep a close watch for me. You know it all and nothing is hidden from Your omniscient eyes. You know my struggles and know my wounds. I desperately need Your permanent restoration, o LORD. I want to surrender it all into Your gentle and Almighty hands. Heal me. Let it be through my life and effort, Your name be glorified more and more. Let it be through our testimonies the entire world can see Your all-merciful light. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


Judges 16-18
Luke 7:1-30