His Grace is Far Greater than Our Mistakes (Morning)


James 4:1-10


James 4:6a But He gives more grace.

The wrong circle of friends made his life miserable. Jay has first tried his marijuana after his graduation ceremony took place. Then he tried his luck with opium, then coke, heroin, and finally methamphetamine. When he cannot afford to buy it, his dealer asked him to become his sales and courier. When he proved himself, he settled to become the dealer. His loving family tirelessly reminded him, but their voices came onto deaf ears.

Then, he met his downfall. His drug dealing business was apprehended by police. After a lengthy process of trials and appeals, he lost it all. His fortune, his life. He regretted his decision but it was too late he thought. He felt guilty because he dragged his family into his problems. When in prison, Jay met a preacher. He taught Christian faith to inmates. From him, Jay understood that Christ was already dead for his sins, even before he sinned. He repented, accepted Jesus as his savior, and baptized.

His grace is so great. His love is even greater. He purged our sins even before we were born. He purged our sins not because we are good Christians or because we are actively involved in church, simply because of His love. The truth is plain and simple. His love and grace also affect our lives as well, heal our hearts and lives. Repent your sins before it was too late. Before you could no longer ask for His unlimited kindness and forgiveness.


Believe and accept with faith, HIS GRACE IS GREATER than our mistakes.


1. Share it with your cell group, do you still have lamentable mistakes that still affect your life to this day?
2. Do you believe and have faith that His love and grace are greater than your mistakes?
3. Why you have to believe that His grace is greater than your mistakes?


“Jesus, I am grateful for Your grace. I believe and accept it with faith that Your grace is greater than my mistakes. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


1 Samuel 27-29
Luke 13:1-22