Hold On To Faith (Noon)


Matthew 24:13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved.

Nelly’s husband got home one day unhappy. He said that one of his projects was losing, and he had to pay for all the shortage of funds. Her husband found a trusted employee of his committed fraudulence that caused the loss. Nelly was shocked to hear the news, but she kept her composure and comforted her husband. She told him that everything they had was just a gift entrusted by God. Therefore, she didn’t mind if they had to sell their valuables.

In such a difficult circumstance, Nelly chose to put his hope alive in Jesus. She didn’t give up and drowned in sorrow, blaming God. Nelly also didn’t rely on other people for help. She believed that God would miraculously help them. He had blessed them abundantly and will always cure her family’s life. Nelly is drawing closer to God. She read Bible, praises God, and asks her husband and children to build a family altar. She felt a new strength and believe that God will help them. Even though she lost her car, jewelry, lands, and other valuables, she is calm because she has Jesus.

God has permitted something unpleasant to happen in almost all of us. Continuous problems seem unending. As humans, we might feel that these problems are too much and we are not strong enough in dealing with them. More often than not, we are disappointed and hopeless. Today, God is reminding us not to surrender no matter how hard and painful God prune us. Don’t blame God for things that are happening in our life. Stay strong in the faith because He is behind us. He protects us until we overcome the pruning. God will grant victory to those who hold on to it.


HOLD ON TO in FAITH when God prunes us.


1. Have you ever been pruned? In what form?
2. Why do you need to keep your faith when pruning is happening in your life?
3. How do you keep your faith during pruning time?


“Lord Jesus, we thank you for letting us be pruned. We want to hold on to in our faith and hope in You. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”