How to Bear More Fruit than Before? (Morning)


Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

For a week, we have learned a lot about agriculture. It’s a fact that no plant could grow big and bear fruit in a short period. Each plant would need to be planted from seedlings, regularly watered, given enough fertilizer, and if it reaches some age or height, must be pruned. Healthy plants are pruned plants. By pruning it, we restore the plant’s ability to better redistribute water and nutrients from the soil, and not to waste any substantial energy on unessential branches and leaves.

That’s how our lives work in His All-knowing eyes. When we feel nothing’s wrong with our lives, perhaps He sees it differently. Perhaps He sees bad habits here and there and wants to remove them entirely from our lives. The way He does it may seem harsh: by giving ailments or letting difficulties hit our lives. If you surrender and let Him do the process, you’ll know how a loving Father He always is.

Right now, have a new understanding: every hardship and difficulty in our lives is to ensure we become fruitful and could be a blessing to nations. Don’t let hardships and difficulties separate you from His loving embrace, but instead to know Him better and understand His plans more thoroughly what He wants with your life. Stay faithful, serve Him better, and don’t lose hope. Everything would come to an end, so His pruning will end sooner than you could think.


A BELIEVING HEART amid the pruning process.


1. Do you feel like He is pruning your life? If yes, does He prune? Transgressions? Anxiety? Ailments?
2. Does this process make your faith stronger or weaker? Does He seem further or nearby while He prunes your life?
3. What are your commitments to possess an unconditional faithful heart?


“Jesus Christ our LORD, we are asking for Your forgiveness because of the sinful life we have. Therefore, we invite You to come and reside in our hearts, to prune our lives and reshape them as You deem fit. We want to believe because all You want to do in our lives is to make it greater and be more fruitful. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Ezekiel 11-13
James 1