How to Fall in love with The Holy Spirit (Morning)


Psalm 51:12 Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit.

His parents always take him to the church every Sunday. His routine makes him nauseated. He despised it. Wake up early for morning prayer. Then daily devotional. Afternoon prayer. Nighttime prayer and verse. Evangelism and charismatic things are not considered good in his eyes. His opinion of them also negative. He mocked those speaking in tongues. In his mid-40s he encountered problems beyond his power. At that time he knows: I need God. I need His help and guidance.

After some time, God answers his plea. When the Holy Spirit descent into his heart, he starts to cry. He has no idea why, but he keeps crying. Then, he feels it, he feels God’s unlimited love and he has fallen in love with God. That morning, the first time after thirty years of living, he falls in love. Then he embraces it. Embraces his new identity as Christian. As a devout Christian. He feels the love, love to restore, to change, and to redeem.

God hears our plights. He listens to our prayers. When we stay in His path and try our best to do His bidding, He will allow the Holy Spirit to fill our lives and change them. His love would enable us to understand His feelings and what He wants. His love is unstoppable and no power in this world could halt it. This year, The Year of Holy Spirit, let the Holy Spirit fill our hearts and make us understand His love.


You may FALL IN LOVE with Holy Spirit when you ARE FILLED WITH HIM.


1. What can you explain from the Holy Spirit?
2. Do you remember how your “first love” is to the Holy Spirit? Then, what happened after that?
3. Can you tell us your commitments after He fills you up?


“Jesus Christ our LORD, we are grateful because You give Your Holy Spirit for us, to fill us and bless us. Gently lead us and strengthen our spirit. We love You. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Ezra 3-5
John 20