How to Receive Magnificent Blessings (Evening)


Psalms 37:1-40


Psalms 37:8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret––it only causes harm.

Joseph’s story is an interesting one. His struggles to strive were only been eclipsed by God’s extraordinary interventions. It all started when his half-siblings were jealous of him and wanted to get rid of him. When Midianites merchants were passing through, suddenly they got an “insight” to sell him, their own flesh and blood, instead. When the slave traders caravans stopped by in Egypt, Joseph once again was sold to Potiphar. His miseries didn’t end there. Potiphar’s wife slandered him. Even though Potiphar didn’t execute him, still Joseph ended up behind the Egyptian prison bar. When he helped Pharaoh’s cupbearer to interpret his dream in exchange for his own freedom, the cupbearer didn’t keep up with his end of the bargain and there he was, alone, forsaken but still faithful. This deal tunnel finally found its light. When the Pharaoh had a dream and no seer or sorcerer could interpret it for him, the cupbearer remembered Joseph and recommended him to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. Through Joseph, God could fulfill His covenant with Jacob He made years ago.

Bible never mentions whether Joseph wanted to settle things down or not or whether he still had disappointments and anger towards his half-siblings and the others who made his start in life was so miserable or not. After twenty years, facing a difficult time with Egypt under his control and there they were, bowing their heads like sheaves of grains in front of Joseph. He didn’t want revenge, he never blamed them for his miseries. He forgave them all and asked them not to be grieved and angry. Because he was so close to God, Joseph had a clear understanding that God had had a plan for him. King David also had this similar closeness. Anger and bitterness only distance himself apart from His grace and mercy.

This night before we embrace our dreams, let’s check our hearts. Is there any lingering hatred or anger in our hearts? No matter how small it is let’s get rid of it immediately. Arise and see His light. His light cannot be appreciated if you always look down. Let the Holy Ghost enters our hearts and softens them. With clear hearts and minds, our senses may finally be able to appreciate His light, His plans that will bring forth blessings.




1. Why does He insist you not to hold grudges and bitterness?
2. What makes it so difficult for you to throw your bitterness away from your heart?
3. What is your commitment to let go of your bitterness and grudges?


“Good Father, forgive us if we still hold grudges and disappointments, it only makes our hearts bitter and our lives more difficult. Help us, Father, soften our hearts, and teach us how to forgive. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”