Human Beings Are Limited, Holy Spirit is Limitless (Morning)


Jeremiah 10:23 Lord, we know that people do not control their own destiny. It is not in their power to determine what will happen to them.

He died in his forties. Leaving behind a tremendous amount of wealth. He started his career as a cosmetic surgeon in a well-known hospital in Singapore. His patients required three months to make just an appointment. He was wealthy, successful, and had a bright future. What could be wrong? March 2011, terminal lung cancer took it all. He, once boasted himself, acknowledging there’s no God, beg for an extra mileage for his life. Kneeled. His last word: true happiness cannot be found in Ferrari, a successful career, or money. True happiness can only be found from interaction with God and other people. Dr. Richard Teo Keng Siang closed his eyes forever but learned this lesson well.

How great or powerful you are, you still have restrictions and limitations. No man is an island. We are flawed, imperfect. We need the Holy Spirit to make ourselves and our lives perfect.

Once in a lifetime, or more, we may face something beyond our abilities and power. That’s why the Holy Spirit is ready to take action when our needs arise. Dr. Richard learned his lesson the hard way. Terminal lung cancer that took his life reminded him. Start now, let Him take control of your life, give the wheel to Him. Establish a strong and lasting relationship with Him. It seems difficult but after some time, you’ll get used to it.


HUMAN has LIMITATIONS and flaws.


1. Let’s take a time of solitude, what do you think to consider yourself unbeatable and dominant?
2. Then, what makes you consider your limitations?
3. After that, what do you have in mind to start relying on the Holy Spirit more than before?


“Jesus Christ our LORD, we are grateful because Your rhema has always been there, guiding us. We acknowledged our limitations and dependence. We need You, we need Holy Spirit, to enable us to proceed further. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


2 Chronicles 28-29
John 17