Jesus, The Source of Glory and Peace (Noon)


Psalm 24:1-10


Psalm 24:10 Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah

It was already late when Joshua got home, “Overtime again, right sir?” said Ted while opening the gate. Joshua just nodded slightly at Ted, the house guard as an answer. Joshua’s body and mind are very tired. Every day he worked long into the night, sometimes even on weekends. Joshua didn’t want to waste time because he wanted a guarantee of a prosperous future for his family. But he felt that his life was not happy. He rarely had time for family, so his relationship with his wife and children felt distant. He was sad. He saw Ted who always seemed cheerful, even at the security post he was singing a little singing following the song that was played on the radio. Even though Joshua knew, Ted’s life was far from sufficient.

Intrigued, he called Ted and they chatted on the porch. From their chat, Joshua realized that Ted was always grateful. Ted talked about his son who has been actively participating in online worship since the pandemic. While laughing, Ted said that it was his son who often reminded him and invited him and his mother to pray together. And some time ago his son received a scholarship. Ted expressed how grateful he was and rejoiced because, with his income, he could not afford to send his son to school any higher. But God revealed His love and grace to Ted’s family.

Maybe there are among us who think the same as Joshua. To get the glory, we are willing to do anything. Work hard day and night, with the hope of enjoying a time of peace and prosperity. We forget that what we lost from our lives while pursuing glory, we may never be able to get back. False glory, we can get it outside of God though. But if we seek true glory followed by a sense of peace in our lives, there is no other way but in our Lord Jesus Christ. Because He is the King of Glory and the Prince of Peace who 2000 years ago was born into this world. In this year’s Christmas moment, let us invite Him into our lives. His presence will make us experience great joy, endless joy because there is a light of glory that He will more than ever reveal in our lives.




1. What is true glory?
2. Have you had it in your life?
3. Since Jesus is the only source of true glory and peace, what will you do to have it?


“Father, we invite You the King of Glory and Peace into our hearts. Fill us with joy and peace. We believe there is a greater glory that You have prepared for us. Thank you, Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.”