DECEMBER 3, 2022 / DAY 6#


Mark 4:15 And these are the ones by the wayside where the word is sown. When they hear, Satan comes immediately and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts.

Rena is a nationally renowned chef. She was a regular high school graduate, but many thought she attended culinary college. Her expertise in cooking was pure grace from God. Her journey in the culinary world started when she saw an announcement about a cooking competition where the winner gets to work with a MasterChef. After praying and being confirmed by God, Rena competed in that competition. She prevailed as the winner, and her name became famous.

The taste of her food and her intelligence in producing new culinary creations drew the attention of an investor who asked her to start a new restaurant. Without asking God, Rena took the offer. Surprisingly, the investor was scamming her to get her recipes. Rena was bittered and disappointed in God. But the Holy Spirit reminded her that she didn’t consult God beforehand. Rena immediately asked God for forgiveness, knowing that she had done wrong. And God replaced her loss multiple times.

Indeed, if we fail to keep our hearts intact, we could fall into the devil’s trap. We need to be alert because the devil constantly tries to attack, poison, and bitter our hearts. It aims to break the protection of God’s grace in our life. When the seed of bitterness and negative prejudice prevail in our hearts, the grace of God will start to fade from our life. But if our heart is pure and clean, the protection of God’s grace will keep us forever in His love and grace.


Be alert because the DEVIL will TRY to attack, poison, and bitter our hearts to BREAK the PROTECTION OF GOD’S GRACE in our life.


1. How important is the protection of God’s grace in your life?
2. Why do you think the devil is trying to remove the protection of God’s grace from our life?
3. How will you keep grace in your life?


“Lord, we thank You for Your endless grace in our life. Lead us to walk in Your way to win against the devil’s attack in our life. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”


1 Kings 1-2
Luke 19:28-48