It's Time For Revival!

This has been a shared longing of many churches and God’s children all over the world. We each pray for a revival, we persevere for a revival, and we all unite for a revival. We do all it takes so that a revival can really materialize among us.

Now, the good news is, we are currently standing amid the greatest revival God is going to perform for the world! Isn’t this amazing? We are the generations of the end of days, when Christ is coming back soon. The Scriptures say, that prior to the second coming of Christ, the Lord will send down the former rain and latter rain, a great revival which has never happened before, a revival even gretaer than the one on the Day of Pentacost upon the disciples of Lord Jesus!

God’s promise through His Words should set our spirit on fire and revitalize us to earnestly respond to the great revival God is about to perform. This is indeed the time for us to unite all our strength, and maximize all the potentials we have received from the Lord to take action until a true revival is taking place among us. Keep in mind, when God’s presence is over the world, only the nations who earnestly respond to Him will go through a great revival. When God’s presence is among a nation, only the cities which enthusiastically respond to Him will experience a great revival. When God’s presence is over a city, only the churches who are hungered to respond to Him will get the golden opportunity for a great revival. And when God’s presence stands in a church, only the people who wholeheartedly respond to Him will experience a great revival in their lives.

Therefore, I encourage you not to miss the Keluarga Allah Unlimited Conference Keluarga of this year. We will together step into the great revival God is about to perform among us.
In His revival!

Rev. Obaja Tanto Setiawan



Rev. Obaja Tanto Setiawan

Rev. Obaja Tanto Setiawan

Rev. Obaja Tanto Setiawan is the Senior Pastor of GBI Keluarga Allah, Indonesia. By the grace of God, the church’s congregation members have reached as many as 35,000 souls, whom he has been shepherding through 22 churches. Since applying the Cell Church System, GBI Keluarga Allah regularly holds an annual international conference. At present, GBI Keluarga Allah has extended the ministries to radio and television ministries, as well as Christian schools.

Pastor Jonatan Setiawan

Pastor Jonatan Setiawan

Serving as Vice Senior Pastor of GBI Keluarga Allah, Ps. Jonatan Setiawan has been entrusted to specifically develop the local churches in 2 cities namely: Jakarta and Jogjakarta. At a relatively young age, Ps. Jonatan Setiawan successfully pioneered the Keluarga Allah Jakarta and Jogjakarta churches from the scratch to finally grow into thousands of congregation members.

Rev. Samuel Duddy Haryanto

Rev. Samuel Duddy Haryanto

Serving as a Global Council Member of Keluarga Allah, Rev. Sam is a wonderful man of God who has been blessed with gifts of sensitivity for listening to God’s guidance. He has been leading and serving the prophetic ministry as well as ministering services in relation to the wonders of divine powers.

and Senior Pastor’s Global Staff of GBI Keluarga Allah (foto staff gembala)
A solid shepherding team who has been supporting Rev. Obaja Tanto Setiawan since the early days of the establishment of GBI Keluarga Allah. Each man of God has been blessed with unique divine gifts and talents to complement one another for the progress of God’s work at Keluarga Allah.




Early bird (April- Juni)                    : 160 USD

Reguler (Juli- Agustus)                    : 185 USD

On the spot (September)                : 210 USD


Early bird (April- Juni)                    : 150 USD

Reguler (Juli- Agustus)                    : 175 USD

On the spot (September)                : 200 USD

Includes: 2x lunch, snacks, dinner and seminar kit


Mrs. Vonny, Mr. Immanuel

Secretariat of GBI Keluarga Allah
Jl. Sutan Syahrir (Widuran) 88 Solo 57129, Central Java, Indonesia
Tel: +62 271 634996
Call Center Keluarga Allah (24 hours): +62 899 789 5000



Registration may not be done by phone. Registration is valid only when enclosed with a proper Receipt/ Transfer Slip of Registration Fee.

Cancellation of Registration initiated by participants is not eligible for Refund of Registration Fee.







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