Making Decisions Based on God’s Word (Morning)


Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

Dana Parris, a restaurateur who owns Just Cookin, in Dallas, TX has a peculiar sense of business. She never shows any set numbers of price on her menus, instead, she asks her customers to pay what they think their meals should be paid for. In business 101 her idea of marketing is making no sense. But within the first week after the grand opening, her revenue was tripled. She shared with us her most memorable story about it. One day a nurse came to order a hot dog and a drink. After realizing she was short on cash, she bargained for the meal. Two days later, the nurse returned and ordered the same meals: hot dog and drink. When it was time to pay, she left $20 on the counter. To give you some context: the average price of a hot dog is $5 drinks about $6.

Mrs. Parris may be influenced by Psalms 119:105. She makes God’s words as her light to illuminate the path God had given to her, because of that, she not be misled by anything. Even though her plan may be questionable even for the most brilliant and talented economists, but it brings to her only goodness and LORD’s blessings. Mrs. Parris could do it and so can we. And our part is even better, especially in this dark world.

To be able to see better and clearer, we need lamps and light, so our feet won’t be stumbled. His messages would lead our steps and He will not let us down. Prioritize Him and His words those are enough to guarantee His assistance and support. We as His children may still experience hardships and failures. We may stumble but we will not fall.




1. In your opinion, why do we must follow His instructions when making decisions?
2. Do you have put God as your foundation for your decision-making processes?
3. What do you have in mind to apply today’s rhema in your daily life?


“Father, we are grateful because You always provide us with light to illuminate our paths. Your light will shine and lead us to You and Your eternal life. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Psalms 100-102
1 Corinthians 1