Our Lives will be Completely Transformed when the Holy Spirit Visits and Touches Us (Evening)


Hebrews 10:19-39


Hebrews 10:22 Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.

Todd White is a street evangelist, founder, and church leader of the Lifestyle Christianity Watauga, Texas. He was an atheist and drug addict. He often stole and cheated so he was chased by police many times. A pastor evangelized to him and advised him to serve God. He then started to come to the church and tried hard to stop using drugs, but his condition still fluctuated. One day he deceived a drug dealer. The dealer fired bullets at a close range. At the same time, Todd heard the voice of the Holy Spirit, “I am taking the bullet from you, are you ready to live for Me?” In short, Todd survived, and he gave himself to serve God. Since then he has been radical in preaching the Gospel and God is equipping him with the marvelous gift of healing.

When Jesus was arrested, judged, and finally died on the cross, the disciples of Jesus experienced the collapse of faith. They lost their guide and hopeless. After His resurrection, Jesus was very aware of the conditions of the disciples at that time. They needed to be restored to receive the apostolic mandate. And finally, after they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, they rose again with fire. They became extraordinary apostles. There were powers and miracles which guided each of their ministries.

How about us today? Do we feel as if what we do is like hitting a solid wall, stuck, and cannot go forward anymore? Today, God longs for each of us to experience a complete restoration because there is a great plan that God has planned through our lives. God has done His part so that we have received forgiveness over every sin and mistakes. Our hearts have been cleansed from the evil conscience and our bodies have been washed by the pure water. There is no other excuse to stay in adversity. This is the time for us to raise. There is a power that guides when the Holy Spirit fills our lives. Our lives will be transformed into new creations who are ready to carry out the great mandate of God to be the extraordinary fishermen of the souls.


LET the Holy Spirit to REVIVE AND TOUCH our hearts, then our LIVES will be completely TRANSFORMED.


1. Have you let the Holy Spirit revive and touch your heart?
2. If you have not, what is the reason? If you have, what has changed in you and your life?
3. What will you do for God after your life is completely changed?


“Father, we open our hearts for Your Holy Spirit to come and completely reviving our lives. Touch our hearts and transform us to be new beings. The ones who are ready to receive the mission of the kingdom of God to save the souls. Thank you, Father. In the name of Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”