Our Tithe is for God (Noon)


Hebrews 7:8 Here mortal men receive tithes, but there he receives them, of whom it is witnessed that he lives.

Andy is an animal lover. He raises a dog and also several other animals. One day, his friend wanted to mate his dog with Andy’s dog. His friend’s dog was left at his house until the mating season was over. They agreed that if the mating was successful, Andy would give a percentage of the sale of the puppies. He realized that his dog will not be able to get pregnant without being mated with his friend’s dog, so the profit-sharing is the right of his friend who owns the stud dog.

Weeks have passed, Andy’s dog gave birth to four cute puppies. After they were big enough, Andy sold the puppies one by one. Every time the puppy is sold, Andy gave money to his friend according to their initial agreement. Andy continued to do this until all the puppies were sold. Since Andy was doing his part by keeping their agreement, Andy’s friends also intend to continue the business in the future.

As Christians, we sometimes object to tithing to the church. Not even a few think that it is better to give the money for charity work or to people in greater need. When we bring our tithe to the church, we are not ‘donating’ to the church. However, we return the blessing to God. Giving is different from returning. If we have a “giving” mindset, then we consider what we offer is ours. Conversely, if we have a “return” mindset, it means we realize that everything we have belongs to God. The tithe that we return is His. Just like Andy who pays a percentage of the sale of puppies to his friend. He was not giving his friend, but returning what was rightfully his friend. Even though physically we do take our tithe offering to the church, but realize that actually in the spiritual realm, we are returning it to God.


Tithing is NOT just giving offerings to the church, but in the spiritual realm, we GIVE IT TO GOD.


1. How do you perceive tithe?
2. Why do you need to tithe?
3. Why is tithing not the same as charity?


“Lord, help us to understand about tithing. When we tithe, we give to God. We know all we have is from You and for Your glory alone. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”