Peace from The Holy Spirit (Evening)


Romans 15:13 Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

There was a painting competition and the contestant had to draw with the theme: Peace. Two paintings stole the attention of the judges. They had to choose the winner. The first painting showed a very beautiful scene. A mountain with lush greenery, calm lakes, and blue skies with soft white clouds. A beautiful bird sat in its nest. Every part of the painting depicts a perfectly beautiful life. The second painting showed a barren and wild mountain with pitch-black clouds and lightning, a sign of a violent storm. A waterfall with rushing water on a rocky hill and trees with branches bent under the strong wind was seen. In a gap of the big rocks, there was a bird’s nest on a branch of a small tree. The small bird with a beak slightly open was seen singing a sweet song, seemed it was comfortable and peaceful even though surrounded by wild nature. The judges finally chose the second painting as the winner.

Yes, true peace is not be affected by any situation or circumstances. Whether there is a problem or no problem, there is peace in our hearts. Our rhema verse today reaffirms to us that the peace that God gives, is not just the common peace, the human psychology, but the peace that is given by the Holy Spirit. If we receive this peace from the Holy Spirit, our hearts and minds will be perfectly guarded. Even though we are and our minds are heavy with problems, with the peace of God, our hearts and our minds can remain calm, and our lives are full of joy.

Remember, anything bad from outside will only distract our focus. Make up your mind and know that God LOVES US SO MUCH. Our God is almighty and great. He will not leave us alone. If we realize this then we will get the peace that we enjoy for the rest of our life. Not a temporary peace but a peace that shines through our lives.


THE PEACE FROM HOLY SPIRIT will REMAIN IN OUR LIVES. no matter what happens.


1. What kind of peace do you have in life?
2. Can you feel the difference with the peace of the Holy Spirit?
3. How can you get peace from the Holy Spirit?


“Father, thank you for Your great love for us. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who always comforts us. We believe that when we live by Your word, You will bring true peace to our hearts. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”