Reaching Souls More Effectively (Evening)


Romans 6:1-23


Romans 6:18 And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.

A blind old man was about to cross a busy road. When this old man was struggling, an old woman wearing black glasses approached him and asked if she could cross together with the old man. The man happily took the woman’s hand, and they both crossed. But the woman walked difficultly, and they heard cars honking. Finally they were safely across. “You almost killed both of us! You walk like a blind man! ” scolded the man. “Yes, you are true. I am blind.” replied the woman calmly. “That’s why I asked to cross together.”

The unrestored soul makes us blinded by feelings of resentment, fear, curiosity, and other negative feelings. Our eyes seem closed to see all the works and goodness of God in our lives. If people like this walk together, as in the illustration above, the blind leads the blind. Instead of saving souls, they might perish together.

Only a renewed and freed person can reach out to the soul more effectively. Therefore, before we get involved in the apostolic movement, God wants to restore our hearts and souls. The Lord Jesus came to forgive and get rid of all guilt in us. He came to restore confidence and get rid of all the fear and disappointment that resides in us. For those of us who want to experience complete healing from God, our church holds a global Encounter Retreat. Register and follow, so that we become free individuals and experience restoration l. So that we are ready to be used in the Great Commission mission and become very effective fishermen of the soul.


When our soul is RESTORED, we may reach out souls more effectively.


1. What kind of person can reach the soul more effectively? Why is that?
2. What kind of person are you today?
3. What will you do so that you receive complete healing and are restored to be an effective soul winner for God?


“Jesus, thank you for coming for us. Restore our hearts and souls as You restored the disciples and used their lives for the mission. We long to save souls. Use us. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”