NOVEMBER 27, 2022 / DAY 7#


Psalms 133:2 “It is like the precious oil upon the head, Running down on the beard, The beard of Aaron, Running down on the edge of his garments.”

Since he was 1.5 years old, Narendra was forced to move around following his mother or father’s siblings. Narendra’s mother works abroad, and his father also works far away. His mother was very grateful to have a family willing to take care of her child, but also sad to hear that Narendra grew up to be an emotional, rebellious and difficult child. After Narendra’s mother returned to her homeland, she took her child to a psychologist. It turns out that Narendra feels unnoticed and unwanted. Narendra also doesn’t like moving and adapting to different parenting styles.

Feeling very guilty and not knowing what to do, Narendra’s mother came to the Tabernacle of David. She got rhema and instructions to show her love for Narendra and introduce his son to God. Narendra’s mother also decided to be embedded in the Keluarga Allah church and consistently took her children to Sunday school. Less than one year, Narendra experienced a change. He became an obedient child, full of love, love of God, and always cheerful.

There have been so many congregations who testify in our church. They experience unreasonable restorations, breakthroughs, and miracles. The rhema of God’s Word today says impartation flows from the top to the bottom. Our church, since its inception, has been full of God’s grace. If we are planted in a church full of grace, we will receive the same impartation of grace. So let’s be more invested, take part in the ministry, and we will see how God’s grace is imparted in our lives. (JB)


When we are ROOTED in a church full of GRACE, we will also RECEIVE THE SAME GRACE IMPARTMENT.


1. What was your basis for choosing a local church in you to be rooted in?
2. Why is it essential for you to be rooted in a church full of God’s grace?
3. What impartations of grace have you received while you were rooted in the church?


“Jesus Christ, our LORD, thank You for Your blessing of teaching today. We believe it is no coincidence that we are embedded in the Keluarga Allah church. We will not only see and hear but also experience the same impartation of grace that You gave to our church. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


2 Samuel 12-13
Luke 16