Psalm 85:1-14


Psalm 85:9 Surely His salvation near to those who fear Him, That glory may dwell in our land.

After his father’s death, Christina and her mother lived their lives in complete misfortunes. Her father left not his insurance money or inheritance to his family but loans, lots of it. He was the major source of bread in his family. They not only lost their father figure and husband but also the primary source of income. Each coming day was indeed another struggle and hardships. Every time they open their eyes in the morning that only means: another day to barely survive and to pay his tremendous debts. Her mother finally decided to open a small grocery store in their small house. Even that could barely put bread in their table. Their condition was miserable in summary.

Although they live below-average living standards, Christina and her mother never blame God and always put their hope and beliefs in the right place. Knowing they have no other place to run, they screamed their daily prayers to God, crying every time they did. They relentlessly believe that God would help them escape and give them their much-needed solutions. They pray and pray until one day a distant relative came to their home. Their relative said that suddenly he had an urge to give some of his parts to this struggling widow. His property has been sold with an astronomical price. Their relative also explains that he no longer have any hope that this property could be sold at a normal price. When he just submitted himself to God’s will suddenly God would do His part. That very same day, Christina and her mother finally could settle his late father’s astounding debts and also have some money left to be saved for future use.

There are a lot of things that could hinder our lives’ progress. Either it is family, our careers, health, or economy. We are all have been in Christina and her mother’s place at some time, but we have to choices: to be like Christina or just giving up hope. Christina and her mother did what should be done. They always put their hearts in God. God would never fail us (Rom 5:5). Keep your faith feel it with your inner self, that winds are blowing towards you. Towards us. They are blowing in the middle of our insecurities and save us from the devil’s grip. The prophetic winds of the Holy Spirit are coming at us.


Many things could SHACKLE you like a prisoner. But PROPHETIC WINDS OF HOLY SPIRIT would free you and bring you to SALVATION.


  1. What does ‘Prophetic Winds of Holy Spirit bring Salvation’ mean?
  2. How could Prophetic Winds of Holy Spirit free us from our shackles and burdens?
  3. In your own opinion, what should you do when you feel stuck in your life and have nowhere else to go?


“O good Father, no matter what happens, I promise I won’t ever lose my hope in You. I will always put my fragile life in Your mighty hands because I believe that Your help would come exactly when I need it the most. I also believe that Your prophetic winds are blowing in the middle of my life, to save me from the devil and bring me closer to Your presence. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


Genesis 23-24
Matthew 7