Rise with God (Noon)


Proverbs 24:16a For a righteous man may fall seven times. And rise again,

Regina Ivanova is a well-known figure in Indonesia as the winner of season 7 Indonesian Idol. As she lost her father, who was the bread maker of the family, Regina as the first child automatically took great responsibility for her family. Blessed with a beautiful voice, she feeds her family by singing in cafes. However, because the living cost in a big city is high, she was passionate to enlist in the Indonesian Idol show to improve the wellbeing of her family. She was confident to make It because not only that she has a beautiful voice, she also has an excellent singing technique. Surprisingly, she failed to enter the competition not only once or twice, but six times.

After the 6th season, the show went into hiatus for two years. In 2012, the Indonesian Idol restarted with some adjustments such as contestants were allowed to audition with foreign songs. While in doubt, she decided not to give up. That time she surrendered entirely to God. Singing and English song, she got to the next phase. Slow but sure, she advanced and became the champion of the competition with an excellent record (never was on the bottom of the rank).

It is normal for us to feel weak and desperate from a repeated failure. Nevertheless, do not let ourselves drown for too long. Catch the message of God in this moment of easter, He has risen! We need to immediately rise from our sorrow. We don’t belong in the valley of tears; we belong in the mountain of victory. Make a decision not to surrender and rise with God who imparts victory.




1. What failures have you had in your life?
2. What do you think was the cause of your failure?
3. How do you rise with God?


“Lord, we know that we often failed to rise because of our fear to fail again. Thank you for reminding us that we have You. Today we want to learn to rise with You. We believe that with You we can do great things because You give us strength. In the name of Jesus, we pray, Amen”.