Seeking for The Source of Great Resurrection (Noon)


Matius 6:33 But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

A restoration in financial, career, relationship, health, and other essential things in our life is certainly what we all hope for. For that, we work hard in our maximum capacity to attain them. We work diligently seven days a week, exert all our ability and creativity to advance our business. Or we would spend a lot of our time exercising and thinking about a healthy diet to keep ourselves healthy.

Whether it is work, professional activities, or developing our potential or our ministry, these things keep us occupied. Doing these are for a good purpose, which is to advance or even to have a great breakthrough in our life. However, along with all our effort, we often neglect THE SOURCE OF THE GREAT RESURRECTION itself. We forget that anything we have worked for without the source of resurrection might not result in the outcome that we expect.

One thing to keep in our heart is that any resurrection in our lives starts from the resurrection of a spiritual man within us. Lord Jesus says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” God’s Kingdom means our spiritual life; it means that the spiritual matters and spiritual human must be awakened first before others. Only those with burning spirit will find the Kingdom of God. When our spiritual man rises, the anointing, wisdom, and favor of God descend upon us. Anything we work for is no longer in the human dimension but in a spiritual one that will provide us with victory. The great resurrection is no longer a dream, and it is an eventuality that God adds to all who wholehearted towards Him.


Before focusing on our expected resurrection, seeks first for the SOURCE OF THE GREAT RESURRECTION.


1. Think about what has been your priority in life?
2. What will be your actual action to build a spiritual human and prioritize God above everything else in your life?
3. What happens when you are focused on finding the source of the great resurrection? What kind of resurrection that God adds to your life?


“Lord Jesus, thank you for Your word and rhema, that reminds us to focus properly and accordingly. Forgive us for being occupied chasing earthly matters. Holy Spirit helps us to prioritize the Kingdom of God above everything else. In the name of Lor Jesus, we pray, Amen.”