Self-Confidence: Restore (Morning)


Psalms 147:1-12


Psalms 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.

Mary looked at her painting and whispers “it is… beautiful”. It took days to finish her masterpiece with oil on canvas. With this, a perfect grade shouldn’t be a problem. She put her painting on her bicycle and rode away to school. Because she was careless, she lost her balance and her painting fell. She hurriedly retrieved her painting and was relieved, “It is just some dust and dirt, wipe it with wet paper towels and it will be okay.” She continued her journey, on top of a river, another cyclist went passing her, startled, her painting was once again falling, but right now in the river. Her painting was muddy, wet, and almost unrecognizable.

Holding her tears, she returned to her home and then locked herself. There’s no way she could show her failure and let others appreciate her hard work. Her father was confused, “What happened? When he saw the mangled painting, he understood right away. He wiped the mud gently, dried it, and while he was waiting for it to dry, and made a new frame. When her father knocked on her door, still sobbing, Mary found her painting look not only better but more valuable.

What’s happened to Mary’s painting is happening right now. He created us intricately, flawless, perfect. But as life goes by, our image are damaged. Betrayed by our closest friends, failures, mistreated, depressed, or sinned. When we realize it, it was far too late, we find our image was badly disfigured. We feel unclean and unworthy. Then ‘the Father’ comes. With His sacrifice, He wiped our sins clean and restore our lives to its former glory.


Unhandled FAILURES and PAST TRAUMA may make us LOSE confidence.


1. Is there any failure that still haunts you and prevents you to step right up?
2. Why it is necessary to settle your failures up first?
3. How will you do about it?


“Good Father, how great Your love is. You still accept me as what I am and what I do. You make us worthy and restore my life to its former glory. Use this life as Your instruments of Glory. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


2 Samuel 12-13
Luke 16