Sow Uncommon Seeds More (Noon)


Philippians 4: Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.

Last week, we have read a testimony of Yenny. It’s about her obedience in the Covenant of Blessing that brought her to experience the blessings of all seasons from God. In early 2020, God gave a number for Yenny to sow. It was not a small number for Yenny, but because of her love for God, she obeyed. Then pandemic hit the world and everyone was affected, including Yenny. Even so, she was still loyal and obedient even though she often felt heavy in her heart and even had time to doubt whether she was able to continue. In the midst of her worry, in October 2020, God sent someone who simply transferred an amount of money whose nominal value far exceeded what she had been sowing.

Entering 2021, God spoke to her to give more than the previous amount. “Wow! Last year’s offering was quite big. This one is bigger,” she talked to herself. She recalled a quote that said, “We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.” She decided to remain obedient because she loves the God she worships so much. She chose to put her ego aside and put God first, even if it meant sowing with tears. Seeing her bigger capacity to sow, God sent an extraordinary blessing to her. In February, she suddenly got a new motorbike for free.

Often when we are about to give, we feel heavy because of our ego. Because for some people, to sow means to hold back and sacrifice our pleasures. It is true that to live we really need money, but without us knowing it, it sometimes makes us idolize our property. But when we dare to sow and put God first above our own interests, God sees and is looking for this kind of heart attitude. Different sowing capacities make us receive different harvest according to His best timing.


Different CAPACITIES of sowing causes us to receive different GRACE.


1. Do you have a bigger capacity to sow?
2. Why do you think God wants us to sow?
3. After reading this devotional, what is your commitment to sowing?


“Lord, we want to have a bigger capacity to sow. We know that when we sow for Your work and others, You will be pleased. Help us to follow Your example in loving God and others. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”