The Best Anointing for Those Who Are Hungry and Thirsty for the Holy Spirit (Noon)


Psalm 16:5-6 O Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You maintain my lot. The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Yes, I have a good inheritance.

Merry and Chika have just graduated from college this year. They have been friends since the first semester and planning to apply for a job in a same place. The schedule for the test was on a Monday. A day prior, Chika asked Merry to come to the Sunday service because she needed God to face the test in the following day. But due to a bad weather that day, Merry refused to come as she feared of being sick and not be able to attend the test for the job she was applying to. Chika decided to go to church alonewhile it was raining heavily, because she was thirsty and hungry for the Holy Spirit.

In came the Monday, when Chika and Merry attended the test for new employees in a company. Merry seemed so tense and nervous, while Chika was in peace because she believed that the Holy Spirit would help her. A week after the test, Chika was texted by the company saying she got accepted while Merry didn’t receive any text meaning she was not accepted for the job. Merry was so sad and disappointed, she regretted for not prioritizing God and depending on her own strength. She regretted that she thought she will pass the test because of her cleverness and her previously perfect scores.

The story of Merry and Chika tells us that God has provided the best blessings and anointing from us who are thirsty and hungry for the Holy Spirit. When we feel that we are nothing without the Holy Spirit, that is when we will seek for His presence and anointing even more. Today, if some of us failed in our work, business, life and others, me a commitment to draw closer to the Holy Spirit. Possess the unquenchable thirst and hunger, so we will witness the best blessing and anointing created upon our life.


The best ANOINTING is available for us who are THIRSTY AND HUNGRY for the HOLY SPIRIT.


1. Why do you think we need the thirst and hunger for the Holy Spirit to get blessings and anointing?
2. Have you had a great thirst and hunger for the Holy Spirit? Why?
3. What is your commitment to receive the best anointing?


“Lord, thank You for the Holy Spirit in us. We believe that with the Holy Spirit we can do the impossible. Teach us to have the thirst and hunger for the Holy Spirit, so his power reign upon our life. Thank You Lord. In the name of Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”