The Divine DNA for Forgiving is is Us (Evening)


Ephesians 4: 17-32


Ephesians 4:32 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

“Uh, how come, he still wants to forgive and accept his wife back? Even though his wife had the heart to leave him with another man when he was seriously ill. Gossip a mother in the picture. The topic of Dylan’s wife returning home, and Dylan who warmly welcomed his wife’s return well, was indeed becoming a trending topic among the neighbors around their house. They all wondered, even though Dylan was the stupidest man in the world, who still wanted to accept a wife who had betrayed before their eyes. But whatever the neighbors said, Dylan didn’t care, he was very happy because God had returned his marriage and family.

What humans think is often the opposite of what God thinks. For humans, betrayal, cheating, or crime, it is appropriate to receive a reward in kind. Repaying evil with kindness is not popular in the eyes of humans, some even think of it as foolishness and weakness. But those who think so, have not yet realized that they too can forgive. They had not yet realized that the seed of divine DNA for forgiveness was within them.

A child can be very similar and similar to his parents, whether it be his face, body shape, figure, or in his behavior and gestures. It is caused by the similarity of DNA that is in a family or blood relationship. DNA that is implanted since the fetus is still in the womb reduces the physical similarities and characteristics of the parents to the child. So if we claim to be God’s children, divine DNA must be in us. One of them is divine DNA to forgive like the Father. We may not be as Forgiving as our perfect Father, but the SEED CAN FORGIVE is in every one of us His children. Embedded naturally and if we can “grow” this seed, it’s no wonder we can forgive anyone and how badly people treat us. And believe me, when we forgive, not only will we feel the peace of joy, but also a blessing to those we forgive and to those who see Christ’s deeds in us.


If we claim to be God’s children, we can FORGIVE as He does for His divine DNA is in us.


1. Is forgiveness a difficult thing for you?
2. Have you realized that if you are a child of God, there is divine DNA to forgive in you?
3. How did you feel after you realized it? Does this help you to forgive?


“Lord Jesus, we are proud to be Your children. Thank you for reminding us that divine DNA exists and flows within each one of us. We believe, we will be able to forgive those who have hurt us, because we are Your children, the children of a loving and forgiving Father. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”