The Importance of Self-Control (Morning)


Psalm 37:8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret––it only causes harm.

Because of envy and anger, his brothers sold him into slavery. Blinded by their own rage they justified their actions and thought to themselves if they eliminate Joseph, their father’s love would go to them. Instead, grieve-stricken, Jacob mourned endlessly. They finally understood how severe their actions were. For years their grieving father only deepened their regrets. Their regrets finally got redeemed after their fated meeting. Because of their action, they must witness their father went blind.

Saul also had done something wrong. As a human maybe we could sympathize with him. His enemies laid siege, his subjects were frantic. He wanted to do something immediately, but Samuel was nowhere to be found. His action led to his downfall. He took Samuel’s duty and sacrificed on behalf of Samuel, even though he clearly understood that was not his duty and responsibility. His reckless action displeased God and God left him. Because Saul lost his peace and calmness he must pay the steep price, the ultimate price.

Hastily made decision never ends well. Envy, anger, anxiety, love could make a person blind from any possibility. Hence we need self-control. Establish a new better relationship with God and He will improve your self-control and wisdom as well.


We will REGRET our EMOTIONALLY hastily made DECISION.


1. Do you think you are quite frequently taking your decisions without thorough understanding?
2. In your opinion, what should you do before taking any important decision if your negative emotions overwhelmed you?
3. ! What would you do to improve your self-control?


“O Holy Spirit, we are grateful for Your presence in our hearts. Teach us more about being wise and full of knowledge. Expand our understanding so that we may improve our self-control, even if things don’t work. You are our source of power and wisdom. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Psalms 91-93
Romans 15:1-13