The Key to Having Peace (Noon)


Romans 5:1-11


Romans 5:1 Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Ryan’s arm bones were dislocated because of falling. Luckily, he was still able to recover without surgery. However less than 1 year, he fell again from the motorcycle, and this time he had to undergo surgery. He was sad, scared, disappointed, and confused about the operation costs. Not to mention his wife who now didn’t pay attention to him anymore.

In silence and solitude, Ryan blamed God for what had happened to him. Ryan felt that God was unfair because God gave him severe trials. He lost his peace. He continued to feel sorry for himself to the point that he realized what he had been doing was wrong. Ryan felt that he was getting worse because he was far from the presence of God whom he always blamed. He immediately asked God for forgiveness and decided to make peace with God. Since then, Ryan has always been able to give thanks for whatever happened in his life and began to feel peace and joy.

Maybe what we are experiencing and facing right now is more severe than Ryan’s problem. We might have lost our loved ones, our property, or even jobs and it makes us blame God. If so, today God reminds each of us to give ourselves to make peace with God. God doesn’t want us to drag on in sadness and problems, especially in the moments before Christmas. Christmas means a moment of reconciliation with God. Yes, God the Prince of Peace came down to earth to offer peace to us sinners. Even two thousand years ago God didn’t only stretch out His hand, but He came to earth so that humans could make peace with God. Realize that without being at peace with God, we can’t have true peace. Therefore, make peace with God so that we may have endless peace and joy. Even His glory, brighter than ever, will be manifested in the lives of each of us.


It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to HAVE TRUE PEACE without being reconciled to God.


1. Are you now able to have peace with God? If not, what are your reasons
2. Why must you have peace with God?
3. What are some things that you do as a sign that you have peace with God?


“Jesus, whatever we experience right now, we want to have true peace in our lives. We believe that only You are the source of our peace. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”